I'm Simon Watt


Science goes in and a myriad of media comes out.

I am a biologist and use all the means I can to inform and entertain.

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Simon Watt

Science Presenter

"Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either."

Marshall McLuhan



I spend my life making information interesting. I can see where the story is and know which tools and techniques to use to tell it effectively.


I have always worked in science and I have always worked in performance.

Check out my material on TV, radio, YouTube, podcasts, in print or come see me live.


Books and articles


The Ugly Animals: We Can't All Be Pandas is in shops now.


I sometimes write for newspapers and magazines. My articles have appeared in The Times, The Daily Mirror, The Week, The Independent, The New York Daily and many other places in print and online.




The Ugly Animal Preservation Society and more


I have been gigging for about five years now, mostly performing through my "comedy with a conservation twist" show, The Ugly Animal Preservation Society.


Other highlights of my comedy career include my one-hour fringe show, Frogs and Friends, touring Norway with Helen Arney and Helen Keen, appearing in Robin Ince's Nine Lessons and Carols for Curious People and performing at Glastonbury.


"Had us crying with laughter"- BBC Focus

"All the wit and passion of the best comics"- Chortle


Theatre, digital, physical, games


Much of my art is inspired by science and nature.


In 2017 I was an Artist in Residence at the National Maritime Museum.

I make games that encourage people to play together and help them learn. I have been a consultant on about a dozen plays that have toured nationally and I make my own pieces too. I occasionally act.

Corporate Entertainment

Light lectures, comedy and anarchic nerdy pub quizzes


Many people from the world of business have booked me to entertain their employees and host awards ceremonies. I can also now offer UniverSilly Challenged, a pub-quiz-cum-cabaret that I run alongside Jonny Berliner.


TV Presenter

Science and Natural History


Highlights include presenting the BAFTA-winning Inside Nature's Giants, the IFTA-winning Wild Cities, The Elephant- Life After Death and my first children's show, Rocketeers.


Behind the scenes, I have worked as a consultant and script writer. and produced and presented a few pieces for YouTube too.


Level Up Human and more


I love radio and podcasts. I am co-creator and host of Level Up Human, the science comedy panel show where we redesign the human species with the help of expert guests and top-notch comedians.


I have also been delighted to be a guest on some of my favourite radio shows and podcasts including The Infinite Monkey Cage and Do The Right Thing.


Shows for schools and science fairs


Each year I perform for thousands students in the UK and abroad.

I have shows for primary schools, secondary schools and adults.


“Outstanding! This was really well explained, engaging and fun!”…


.”Very engaging and energetic presentation with terrific interaction with the audience. Really brought the topic to life”

- Various teachers


I train academics, host events and develop resources.


I regularly train teachers, students and academics in science communication, public engagement and public speaking.


I have written scripts for tours, science shows, games and more for some of the country's best museums.

Conservation Advocate

Inspiring change


Much of my work is centred on spreading the news of the problems facing our planet and its wildlife. This is a feature of my written, live, TV and museum work.

What can I do for you?


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